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ROCHE Healthcare Consulting College Established in JiangShu

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In current days, the first study and share platform for healthcare consulting service was established in JiangShu Province, China.

More than 10 testing professor gathered together for deeply discussed about the global healthcare development trend and the management between hospital and laboratory.

As the leader of in vitro diagnostic industry, Roche not only always insist innovation for medical science solution, improve testing efficiency and traditional medical science value, but also Roche pay much attention to laboratory future constantly development. Roche can customize the more regular, science technology for laboratory's precise work procedure solution in global area, decline the complexity level of medical science testing and improve the operation efficiency for laboratory.  On another aspect, also help clinic promote the healthy status of patient. 

The excellent execute result already been testified in different curative organization laboratory in UK, France, Brazil and Spain etc. Hope this will be entered into more Chinese laboratory for more patients.

Roche Healthcare Consulting College will leading the innovation for medical science testing industry. The RHC combine Roche global internet intelligent storage for improving the performance efficiency and also improve service level.  Meanwhile the RHC can be situable for the target of curative innovation.

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